About Us

SmartShehar is a Mumbai based technology startup that is reimagining the concept of "Smart-cities". We believe Smart cities are not about infrastructure and connectivity alone. We are putting in place mobile apps and systems that will allow the the Governments and citizens to interact with each-other like never-before. Our mobile Apps convert every mobile phone into a tool to gather data (allow it to report complaints, crowdsource information, log events and so on). The implications are far and wide-reaching across urban planning, agriculture, education, transport planning etc.


Real-time and dynamic ridesharing app that allows you to share your ride or find a matching shared rides (Private cars or taxis). The only rideshare & taxi aggregation app you’ll ever need to save time, money and for comfortable commutes.


Our Pride & Flagship App that allows location-based & contextual navigation of Mumbai suburban train network. Currently being expanded to other cities.


Manually recording location of 5000+ bus-stops in Mumbai paid off! Truly intelligent App to navigate complex BEST bus network in Mumbai. Currently being expanded to other cities.

Women Safety Shield

A bridge between virtual and physical world is what we are set out to do here. The app allows you to track your loved ones or take a picture and send emergency alarm in case of an emergency.

Citizen Portal

Citizens, be proactive! Take a picture every-time you see something wrong with your surroundings. We will make sure your complaint reaches the right people.

SmartShehar Dashboard

Interactive map based dashboard to quickly know detailed information of issues, complaints and information on your surroundings

A la carte Mobile Solutions

We work with various agencies to build apps to suit their requirement. One-size-does-not-fit all, talk to us if you have a problem at your hands that Technology can elegantly solve!